Alejandro Sánchez

Archery: Modelling of architectural patterns

Archery is a language for behavioural and structural modelling of architectural patterns supporting hierarchical composition and a type discipline. Semantics for modelling reconfiguration and constraints of architectural patterns are currently under development. Our approach is to provide a translation to mCRL2 for the behavioural dimension and to bigraphical reactive systems for the structural.

Translator Archery->mCRL2

A java implementation of Archery to mCRL2 translator is available. The current version (0.7 - 24/04/2012) is included in a compressed file with the contents as follow:

  • -examples: a folder with example archery specifications
  • -README.txt
  • -translator.jar: a java implementation of the translator
  • a shell script for invoking the translator
  • a shell script that uses to translate some of the examples
  • A guide describing the language syntax and providing illustrative examples is also available here.

    Support: The Evolve project

    The development of Archery was partially supported by the project Evolve (Evolutionary Verification, Validation and Certification), funded under contract QREN 1621.





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